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We had an issue with our water purifier, so I contacted this Purity Aqua Solutions. Repairing charge was within my budget. they were very knowledgeable and extremely nice. they were transparent and candid with we felt like we were making a good decision. His pricing was reasonable as well. HIGHLY recommend this service provider for any repair. 


I have been a regular customer for Purity Aqua Solutions and it is been a great experience as they are prompt in their service and very professional in handling customer issues. It shows that they do all the quality checks before fixing the faulty part. I strongly recommend Purity Aqua Solutions. 


Good service staff. Have a good knowledge of RO Water Purifiers and can troubleshoot a problem very fast and gets it resolved immediately. The shop also has spare parts readily available for replacement. Overall very happy with the service. 

...Vijay Kumar

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